How To Make Your “Average” Car More Fun

Step 1: Understand that any car can become something special.

The first step in making your car more fun is to have the right mindset. Many people think that their 2003 Toyota Camry is destined for a life of A-to-B commuting and that there is no way to be able to actually enjoy the driving experience. This is a common misconception and many people would be shocked to see the difference even light modifications have on the driving experience of their own car.

Step 2: Research your car

If you don’t already know all of the features your car has, look through your owner’s manual or do a Google search and find out what type of engine, suspension setup, and wheels/tires came with the car from the factory. This allows you to have a greater understanding what is and isn’t possible when it comes to modifying your car.

Step 3: Lose Weight.

Reducing weight is truly a win-win as virtually everything from a driving perspective is improved. The simplest way to reduce weight involves exactly what you think, taking unnecessary parts off of your car. The first way to do this is to make sure that you aren’t carrying any extra baggage along with you that you will never need. Clear out your glove box, center console, and trunk and you’ll be amazed how much weight you’ll actually be removing. From there weight loss may need to come in the form of lighter replacement parts like an aluminum hood.

Step 4: Improve Handling Characteristics

By far the most important upgrade you will make to your car is upgrading your tires. As this is the only part of the car that actually makes contact with the road, choosing the right tire is crucial. Dedicated summer tires will improve grip drastically over even the best all-season tires.

Step 5: More Power

The cheapest ways to add power to your car include chip tunes and allowing your car to “breathe” easier. Chip tunes can do everything from removing the limiter on your car to adjusting the level of boost on a turbocharged engine. Allowing your car to “breathe” involves adding things like cold air intakes or installing a less-restrictive exhaust system.

Step 6: Keep Honing Your Car

Those on a budget will likely not be able to do all of these things at the same time. Modifying your car is a continuous process that almost never ends in a finished product. For those that follow these instructions, you will gain a better understanding of how cars work and own a vehicle that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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